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Our Story

My name is Fitz Campbell,
I'm half British and half Jamaican.

I'm passionate about cooking healthy foods, especially organic ones that can improve people's lives. 


I'm well experienced when it comes to the world of hospitality. I've worked as an Executive Chef in hotels and restaurants, including Ritz Charlton and Meliá international, Planet Hollywood Disney Springs, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, for 12 years. As an experienced Chef, I've had the privilege to administer my world-class services to top-class eateries, including hotels and restaurants.

My motivation arose when my father succumbed to a heart attack. Nobody was there to help my father get proper medication and healthy meals, which would have otherwise improved his health and lifestyle. Therefore, I realized that everybody needs healthy food to help them fight whatever kinds of diseases, whether chronic or not. Having been in the Hospitality industry for a long time, I'm familiar with various recipes that can help people prepare excellent and healthy meals.

My dad's demise inspired me to help others live a healthy lifestyle through physical fitness and healthy eating. Being a chef for the most prolonged period of my adulthood has allowed me to interact with different cultures and cuisines. Like top dieticians, I have worked with people with similar mindsets, professions, and interests. I have also garnered lots of experience from top world-class chefs using various cooking styles.

I'm a family man who strongly believes in community values and their development in any possible way. Transforming people's lives is among my top passions—I intend to positively impact the world through healthy food and general physical fitness.

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