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Fresh, Healthy, Convenient.

Our main goal is to make healthy eating simple and convenient for you. So don't let your busy schedule stand in the way of accessing
healthy and delicious meals.

How it Works?

Select Your Meals.
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Select your meals from our current menu, customize your selection
to reach your goal. 
Pick from a variety of our Chef
and Dietitians designed
meal options.

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Get them Cook
by Professional Chefs
Select your delivery days. 
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Let our talented Chefs cook your selection, while you relax and
get ready to enjoy your
top-class never frozen  
restaurant meal.

Pick the days that best work for you from the available delivery dates. 

Heat, Eat, and Relax
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Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Follow the heating instructions and enjoy a tasteful healthy meal made just for you.  Our containers are made of food safe materials and can withstand temperatures from -40C to +120C (-40F to 205F) so you don't need to worry about chemicals leaking into your food. 

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Also start thinking about your next week meal options...
We've got you covered! 

Food that 
Changes LIVES.

At Creative Cooking, we strongly believe in community values and their development. Transforming people's lives is among our top priorities. We intend to positively impact the world through healthy food and general physical fitness.


Fresh and Non-frozen ingredients

We source our fresh and organic ingredients from a vast network of trusted partners. Therefore, our foods are GMO-free and don’t contain preservatives, refined sugars, hormones, or antibiotics.


Dietician-designed foods

We ensure that all foods have the required nutritional value. Our dieticians design every meal plan based on science to ensure that our foods meet the required quality to promote your health and wellness.

Chef-prepared meals


Our team of experienced chefs uses excellent recipes to prepare meals with unbelievable taste.

Dinner and Lunch Sizes Available.

We have carefully designed our plans to boost your health with the correct sizes for each time of the day, depending on your goals. 


A Word From our Customers

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